UX Designer & Researcher


UX Design Case Study

Smart Driver

My Role: UX Designer

In this case study I re-designed the Smart Driver feature currently available on OnStar.com. The Smart Driver feature tracks your driving behavior, provides statistics, recommendations for improvement, and an opportunity to save on your automotive insurance. In this project I was tasked with migrating the current experience to the Owner Center site (e.g. my.chevrolet.com) with minimal changes to functionality, but with enhancements where possible.

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UX Research Case Study

Automatic Parking Assist 2 Study

My Role: UX Researcher

The goal of this study was to gather baseline data about the overall usability of the Automatic Parking Assist 2 (APA2) application and identify opportunities for improvement. As the Lead UX Researcher assigned to the project my role was to:

  • Gather requirements, and identify research goals and questions.
  • Design the study to answer those questions.
  • Conduct the study.
  • Analyze the results and provide actionable recommendations.
  • Present findings and recommendations to key stakeholders.
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Integrated Interface Design Case Study

Active Safety Information Display

My Role: UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

Deliverables & Activities:

Following the philosophy of integrated user interface (UI) design I created a new way for your vehicle's safety systems to display their status. An integrated UI displays information in a more meaningful way that implies relationships between systems and helps you understand how they work.

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Contextual Design Case Study

The Next Generation of Infotainment

My Role: UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

I traveled across the country riding along with current Cadillac owners to learn more about how they are using their infotainment systems and how that experience can be enhanced. I then turned those insights into a future design concept and other artifacts. These outputs informed the design of General Motors' next generation of infotainment systems.

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